All food entering the school must not contain nuts or nut products. This includes personal lunches and treats brought for others in the class. Food brought in as class treats for birthdays or other celebrations, must be store bought with labelling on the product which indicates the contents of the food and that it is nut free. No home baked items should be distributed within the class. We have students and staff with various food allergies, some of which are life threatening, and we want to ensure that any food that is distributed to our students is safe for all to eat.


1. Remain in seats while eating lunch, leave tables clean.
2. Uneaten portions of lunch must be taken home.
3. There are 2, 20 minute eating times for Nutrition breaks.
4. Use environmentally friendly containers when possible.
5. Compost and recycle appropriate parts of your lunch.
6. Respect the lunch room supervisor’s directions.