We are excited to be able to offer a Nutrition For Learning Program at Blue Heron again this year. Our program has two components. Each morning, a bin is delivered to each class which contains fresh apples. Students have access to the fruit throughout the day for when they need a healthy snack. There are also snacks served at the second break from the Nutrition Room. These snacks usually include carrots, snap peas, hard-boiled eggs, and yogurt. There are also granola bars, melba toast and unsweetened apple sauce available at second break.

The program has been successful and continues to be well used. On average, we serve around 600 snacks each week. The service is used by students who come to school without any, or enough, breakfast, those who run out of food at nutrition break, or those who don’t have any healthy options left in their lunches.

Please help support a very worthwhile program that has become an important part of the Blue Heron school community. Go to https://www.nutritionforlearning.ca/blueheron/ to donate directly to our school. You can even set up monthly donations to support our program throughout the year.